Idiots of the day (month?)

Imagine that you want to report a spamvertized link to its support/abuse team on a site that’s main purpose is to serve links. Would you imagine that your report gets rejected because they use URI spam filtering, and their site happens to be listed there?
Well, get started…

    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
    host []: 550-Blacklisted URL in message. ( in [black]. See

Relevant URIBL screenshot

ROTFL or cry?

3 Responses to “Idiots of the day (month?)”

  1. uribl says:

    it was listed from Jan 13 to Feb 14 2008 for massive abuse.

    Then there are active links such as
    http: // = Penis pills redir, which is still active and was heavily spammed last week. Not so funny now is it? doesnt seem to want to police their service. Thats why so many spammers set up or use URL redirection services like this to mask their links and avoid URIBL filtering.

    Shorteners like and actually verifies the redirection links against SURBL and URIBL in their backend, which is what the rest of them should do to avoid blacklisting.

  2. uribl says:

    last weeks spammed 2url’s… all of them are still active on 2url, but the backend redir on the last 4 are now dead as spammy has changed payload domains.

    http: //
    http: //
    http: //
    http: //
    http: //

    this is no laughing matter. 2url needs to police their system.

  3. maques says:

    Seems like they improved a bit. Now they have an abuse report form, though I reported 63030 after your comment but nothing happened. I reported it again now…
    I’d say if they “don’t care” they should get listed on for good…

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