Far Manager – how to ruin a site

I like Far Manager a lot (and Midnight Commander as well on linux boxes, if we’re here), as I grew up on Norton Commander. Once someone knows the keyboard shortcuts, he can work with that lightning fast.

Now, it happened, that I got a freshly installed notebook and one of the first things was to get Far Manager installed.
I visited the site, and found that the latest versions only available in .7z format.
Since I didn’t want to install 7-zip first, I downloaded an early install package in the good-old (erm…) .exe format.

Then, I thought I let them know, that maybe it is not the best idea to host the newest versions in .7z format, or at least provide an .exe version, but I couldn’t find a contact link on the site.

Then, I saw the forum!
Easypie – so I though -, I just register and drop a comment.
However, on the registration page, I faced an Impossible Mission!
A dreadful captcha, which was not just hard to read, but was impossible to read!
I tried to guess, but wasn’t successful, then I got another one, “Impossible Mission II” captcha.
To demonstrate what I am talking about, here are the two images I got (and no, I don’t have 16 color EGA mode selected on my computer). Anyone goes to the registration page can get similar ones.

(and no, “30M92” wasn’t a good answer…)

No wonder there are no activity on the forum!

Finally, I found a contact address at the “If you are visually impaired or cannot otherwise read this code please contact the Board Administrator.” section, I sent a mail on this “captcha” and 7z issues, but so far I didn’t get any answer…

I believe I did all I could – even wrote a blog entry! :-)

2 Responses to “Far Manager – how to ruin a site”

  1. greg says:

    50 M 9P
    1N 0 RTKK

    szerintem ez csak egy kamu weboldal, a CIA üzemelteti és itt lépnek be az ügynökök a fórumba ahol virágnyelven megbeszélik ki kell kinyírni. láttam én a tv-ben, így mennek ezek a dolgok!

  2. maques says:

    I just noticed (yes, another virgin install) that Far Manager downloads now available in MSI format too!

    Although I’m not entirely convinced that MSI was the best choice for the “installation” which really just an “xcopy files to somedir” task here, it is still better than nothing…


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