Ne kicsinyeskedjünk…

Ez is egy régebbi anyag – na jó, baromi régi, 1991-ből a Novell NSE adatbázisából -, de az ilyeneknek egyszerűen fenn kell maradnia örökre!
Ez a hozzáállás kéremszépen, én is szeretnék sok sok ilyen “user”-t…

This is an old material too -well, extremely old, from Novell’s NSE database, 1991 -, but articles like these must be kept public forever.
This is the real attitude, I’d like to have many many users like this…


FYI:  “Mirror Copies of Volume Dir Dont Match” – Ontrack


 The origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell.  Novell makes every effort within its means to verify this information.  However, the information provided in this document is FOR YOUR INFORMATION only.  Novell makes no explicit or implied claims to the validity of this information.


TITLE:                                            “Mirror Copies of Volume Dir Dont Match” – Ontrack

DOCUMENT ID#:                         FYI.P.4291

DATE:                                             09OCT91

PRODUCT:                                   NetWare

PRODUCT VERSION:                v3.11

SUPERSEDES:                           NA


The user had extremely sensitive data stored on a file server in Kuwait. Thinking something was wrong, the user turned off the power to the server.  After powering the machine back up, the system displayed the following error message:

│Mirror copies of volume dir dont match │


The Novell technician told the user to run VREPAIR because it fixes this problem 99 percent of the time.  The user did not want take the 1 percent risk of running VREPAIR.


The user flew a team from Ontrack to Kuwait and they successfully recovered 100 percent of the data.

Ontracks data recovery phone numbers are the following:

      USA                   1-800-872-2599

      International  1-612-937-5161

      FAX                    1-612-937-5750

Ontrack has two offices in the U.S. and one in Europe.

      Ontrack London office

      Phone: 44-81-549-3444

            Fax:   44-81-546-6642

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